Labour Hire Perth

JS Technical Trade is a Leading Labour Hire Business Perth

JS Technical Trade connects Perth businesses with top talent for various labour solutions. We’re your one-stop shop for skilled professionals across various industries, catering to both large and small organizations.

Finding the Right Fit

Our team identifies, recruits, and selects the most suitable workforce for your temporary or permanent needs. We go beyond just filling positions – we ensure you get highly qualified individuals who seamlessly integrate into your team.

Empowering Your Success

JS Technical Trade understands the competitive business landscape. We equip you with the skilled workforce you need to achieve your long-term goals.

Our Areas Of Expertise

- Recruiting Services
- Payroll Services
- Administration Services
- In-country Support
- Personal Income Tax
- IT Industry

How Recruitment Works


Client Requirement Completed

  • New Customer Information Sheet should be completed for new clients
  • Detailed job specification in full should be completed
  • Rates should be confirmed


Requirement Process #1

  •  From our database, we engage with contractors immediately.
  • Our specialized marketing team works on sourcing new contractors through
    our marketing/advertising strategies.


Requirement Process #2

  • Pre-suitability Assessing Interview
  • Checking Qualification
  • Pre-qualification checks through referencing


Candidate Requirement

  • By phone and email, contractors are introduced to clients
  • Interview time arrangement
  • Interview feedback provided


Accepted Candidate Process

  •  Confirmed rates and start date will be released
  • Contractform will be sent out
  • Online WHS module should be completed + Drug & Alcohol course
  • Site Visiting/Assessment
  • Commencing dates are to be confirmed by both candidate andclient

Perth Popular labour-hire Company

Our labor-hire service is meticulously designed to provide you with access to a team of highly qualified and certified people, ensuring that your workforce aligns seamlessly with the demands of your projects.

Some of Our Happy Clients